The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


You would never suspect that, at the end of a quiet residential street in Mount Pleasant, some mischief would be brewing. 

Helltown Brewing was started in 2011 by Shawn Gentry and several homebrewing friends.  They found a used 15-barrel brewing system in Colorado, and set up shop in the old mechanic's garage where we are still brewing today.  The brewery still has an industrial feel to match the usual soundtrack on brew days.

While Helltown is a production brewery, we do have a tasting area where you are welcome to taste the beers.  You can also fill pints and spend some time, or grab a growler to go.


Quality is our main focus.  We use high-quality grains for all of our beers, and aren't sparing when it comes to hops.  While we work on expanding, we will not sacrifice the quality of our liquids.

We are also committed to our community.  All spent grain is donated to local farmers, and all of merchandise is bought from local businesses.  We also support a variety of local charities in Mt. Pleasant and Pittsburgh.




Founded:  2011
Head brewer:  Shawn Gentry
Production:  1500bbl/yr
Beers:  12+
Distributed in:  PA, OH
Bottles available


Mischievous Brown Ale
Rapture IPA
Extra Sinful Bitter
Idle Hands Double IPA
Purgatory Double IPA
Good Intentions Porter
Dead End Pale Ale
Hop Frenzy IPA
Sanctuary RIS
Reaper's Harvest Rye IPA
Wretched Belgian Ale
Barley Wine
Spiteful Saison