Helltown Brewing and Helping Hops Non-Profit Create Charity Beer

Support a great cause, with a great beer

Helltown Brewing and Ohio based Non-Profit, Helping Hops have joined forces to attribute charitable help to people in need. Helping Hops as an organization facilitates and maximizes fundraising for local charitable causes by mobilizing the passion and generosity of the craft beer community. This seemed like a win-win for Helltown. Helping the community by brewing and selling beer.

Now came time for the beer name and style. After much discussion Helltown Brewing and Helping Hops decided to use a play on words with each organizations name for the name of the beer, while accompanying local demand for the beer style. “Hellping Hops” became the name and New England IPA became the style. “Hellping Hops” a 6.5% NEIPA brewed with Domestic 2-row, Golden Promise, wheat, flaked barley, and hopped with Amarillo, Citra, Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria hops. A soft bodied but crisp IPA with bright citrus (orange) and stone fruit (peach) aromas and orange and lemon flavors that finishes dry and refreshing.

After long talks, Helltown and Helping Hops decided, for this collaboration, to help in the fight against food scarcity around the Pittsburgh area, specifically in Washington and Westmoreland Counties with their respective food banks. Helltown has previously worked with the Westmoreland food bank during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic to donate food and money to families in need. So, how exactly does a beer collaboration benefit a charity? This is how it works, for every draft sold out of Helltown’s Taprooms $1.50 will be donated, while $1.00 from every 4-Pack sale (or $6.00/case) will also be donated! Cases and kegs of “Hellping Hops” will be distributed exclusively throughout Helltown’s four Taprooms located in Export, Houston, Mt. Pleasant, and Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Prices for “Hellping Hops” are as followed, $17.00/4-Pack* or $88.00/Case* and $6.00/draft*.

“Hellping Hops” will be available in limited amounts starting February 22nd, 2021.

*prices may vary*

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